Snowboard the streets!! You can dig in for the hard carves, slide, float into switch, throw anything from 180s to 1440s, check speed or stop exactly like on a snowboard.

The deck of a Freebord resembles a large skateboard. Beneath the deck are four fixed wheels mounted on long trucks that extend beyond the board.

These wheels simulate the edges of a snowboard and are used for carving. In addition to these four “edge” wheels, the Freebord has two additional base wheels on the boards centerline that rotate 360 degrees.

These act like the base of a snowboard allowing riders to initiate slides in any direction.

Cost :- Includes :-

R350-00, per person, beginner lesson.

Supervision use of Freebord
Elbow, knee & wrist guards

Booking is essential, limited spaces and we only ride a Sunday morning or afternoon session.