Rap Jumping

It goes against everything you know, but why abseil when you can drop down face first and actually confront the full horror of your fall? It’s called Rap Jumping otherwise known as forward abseiling; air-borne rappel jumping or Aussie rappel. So how about it?

How about descending face first with a rope and a harness down a building, cliff face, bridge, crane, helicopter (a la Tom Cruise – Mission Impossible 2) or just about anything that towers into the air?
Well, that’s what rap jumping is all about, Rap Jumping is a technique that was developed about 14 years ago in Australia for their special forces, and look at us now!

We do for fun in the hope that we may just find the biggest adrenaline rush of all time.

All our instructors are professionally trained through Pure Rush Industries and Rap Jumpers SA.
This is how we are able to keep our 100% safety record.

Cost :-  

R250-00, per person for 3 jumps


If you know of any sites we can use for Rap Jumping, please contact us.