Street Luge & Buttboarding

For those who don’t know what we on about:
The idea was hit upon by a group of Californian skate boarders, who, when they became bored with standing on their skate board, decided to lie on it instead. They discovered that lying down gave greater speed, greater control and much greater thrill. In the sport, as it is practiced today, the Luger lies on his back, feet first, points downhill, accumulates speed and prays he can make the next corner. Depending on the gradient and the layout of the track, the Luge can reach speeds of up to 80 miles per hour, which, especially as the body is only a couple of inches from the ground, is extremely fast.

We have roads for beginners where you can reach up to 60km/h & once you know what you are doing we will take you to +80km/h

Cost :- Includes :-

R450-00, per person, beginner lesson.


Booking is essential, limited spaces and we only ride a Sunday morning or afternoon session.